August 2, 2015, Coyote Point Park, San Mateo

Start/Finish location in the Eucalyptus Picnic Area near the Coyote Point Marina
Live music by the Tribal Blues Band
56-mile Simon Says ride option

Ride and Course Description

The Tour de Peninsula (TdP) offers four different route options to suit all types of riders, from first-timers to serious cyclists, actually five route options counting the Simon Says Shortcut. Course descriptions are below. Course maps are available for download or on event day at the registration desk.


  • The event hub, including the registration tent, is at the Eucalyptus Picnic Area near the Coyote Point Marina.
  • All routes begin and end at a Start/Finish arch.
  • On-course roving mechanical support will be provided by SRAM vehicles.
  • All rides over three miles include rest stop breaks serving complimentary food and beverages for hydration and refueling. Bring your own bottles.
  • Starts will be in waves.
  • The 20, 31 (50k), 56 and 63-mile (100k or metric century) options pass through downtown San Mateo and use Crystal Springs Road and Millbrae Ave where lane closure will ease the passage for cyclists.
  • The Tour de Peninsula is a recreational bike ride, NOT A RACE.
  • All participants must wear a helmet at all times when riding.
  • All participants must obey all traffic rules. Honor the Stop.
  • All participants must ride single file in traffic and use designated bike lanes.

1. Kids Ride/Route - 2-6 miles on bike trail in Coyote Point Park

Great post-ride fun for kids starting at 12 pm. This easy trail is ideally suited for young children accompanied by family or older kids by themselves. Cyclists will ride on paved paths throughout the park.

No course map available.

2. Short Route - 20 miles

This 20 mile route is perfect for beginning to intermediate cyclists or anyone with cycling experience who hasn't ridden in some time. It includes one climb, a big descent, and plenty of flat and gently undulating road. Two rest stops.

Beginning at Coyote Point Park, riders will head south on Bay Trail to Ryder Park, before proceeding west through downtown San Mateo on Third Avenue, a busy main street that will have coned bike lanes. Upon entering the Hillsborough area, riders will make their way along tree-lined - and closed to cars during the ride - Crystal Springs Road for 2.5 miles before ascending a medium-intensity, one-mile climb. After at a rest stop at the end of Crystal Springs Road, riders will head north for 6 miles on sunny, wide open Sawyer Camp Trail, open to only TdP riders that morning. The route then turns south along Skyline Boulevard, Vallejo Drive and Conejo Drive, before an exhilarating descent east towards the Bay on Murchinson Drive and East Milbrae Avenue, in a cone designated bike lane. The final stretch is an easy cruise down Bayshore Highway and Airport Boulevard, concluding at Coyote Point.

Total Ascent: ~960 Feet

Click here for a PDF copy of the 20-mile route map.

3. Long Route - 31 miles

This route is for intermediate to experienced cyclists who ride regularly and are comfortable with longer distances. It includes two medium intensity climbs (a two-mile stretch on Polhemus Road and the short sometimes steep Ralston Trail bike path connecting Cañada Road to Ralston Ave/Polhemus Road), two fast descents and plenty of flat and gently undulating road. Four rest stops.

The Long Route is an extension of the Short Route, diverging at the rest stop at the intersection of Crystal Springs Road and Polhemus Road. From there, riders will climb Polhemus, continue over Hwy 280, followed by a fast (be careful) bike path descent to Cañada Road. Continuing south on Cañada Road--being Bike Sunday this is closed to motorized traffic-riders arrive at a second rest stop in the parking lot of the historic Pulgas Water Temple. The route doubles back up Cañada, using the Ralston Trail to connect north on Polhemus, returning to the mile-long climb on Crystal Springs Road and the second half of the Short Route.

Total Ascent: ~1840 Feet

Click here for a PDF copy of the 31-mile route map.

4. Metric Century - 63 miles & the 56 mile Simon Says Shortcut

This Metric Century is a challenging ride, suggested for seasoned cyclists with recent experience on big climbs and fast descents. It includes one high-intensity climb, and two of medium-intensity. (Kings Mountain Road and twice-times up Crystal Springs Road). Six rest stops.

Embarking on an extension of the Long Route, Metric Century riders will leave the Pulgas Water Temple parking lot, continuing south on Cañada Road towards the southern base of the hills of Huddart County Park. After a brief trip west on Woodside Road, riders will approach the main challenge - a 4.5 mile climb with gradients of 4-8% up the winding Kings Mountain Road. The summit is at the intersection of Tunitas Creek Road, where riders are rewarded with a rest stop followed by a long and speedy descent down the densely-wooded Skyline Boulevard to Alice's Restaurant at Four Corners. Riders will continue south on Hwy 35 to West Old La Honda Road, turning right onto one of the Peninsula's most beautiful descents which concludes at Hwy 84. Another right turn and riders will be climbing back to Four Corners, crossing Hwy 35, to continue east on Hwy 84, down a long descent, then through Woodside again and back north on Cañada Road to pick up at the Pulgas Water Temple and complete the ride on the same course as the Long and Short routes.

Total Ascent: ~4795 Feet

56 mile Simon Says Shortcut

Stayed out late the night before? 56 sounds better than 63? Whatever your reason, it’s TdP cool to turn left at the intersection of Hwys 84 & 35 to avoid a heavy dose of uphill. Doing so saves 6 miles of pedaling and anoints you a distance-conservationist.

Total Ascent: ~4330 Feet

Click here for a PDF copy of the 63-mile route map with 56 mile Simon Says Shortcut.

5. All Routes Combined Map - 20, 31, 56, & 63 mile routes

Click here for a PDF copy of the "all routes combined" map

6. Elevation Profile for All Routes

Click here for all course profiles