August 2, 2015, Coyote Point Park, San Mateo

Start/Finish location in the Eucalyptus Picnic Area near the Coyote Point Marina
Live music by the Tribal Blues Band
56-mile Simon Says ride option

Directions and Maps

The 2015 Tour de Peninsula will start and finish at the beautiful Eucalyptus Picnic Area in Coyote Point Park, which is located on near the Marina in the southeast corner of the park.

Map of Coyote Point

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Directions to Coyote Point Park-Driving

Most access to Coyote Point Park is by way of the Peninsula Ave. exit from Hwy 101. Directions to Coyote Point are available on the CuriOdyssey website.

Directions to Coyote Point Park-Bicycling

Ride your bike and get some extra miles!

From north or south follow the San Mateo County North-South Bicycle Route. This is a flat route, which closely follows the Caltrain route. It starts on Tunnel Avenue, then uses Bayshore Boulevard through Brisbane and then a series of different streets through South San Francisco to get to Coyote Point via Delaware in San Mateo. From the south the North South route uses Delaware also after Old County and the bike trail along the eastside of the Caltrain tracks through what was Bay Meadows. Get a map of the route here (PDF). NOTE: This is a schematic map to define the route; use it with a good local street map if you're not familiar with this area.

To get to North Bayshore and Coyote Point Drive take Mount Diablo over 101 (eastbound) and follow N Bayshore northbound to Coyote Point Drive eastbound into the park and follow signs for the Eucalyptus Picnic Area/Marina.


Upon entering the park, signage and event staff will direct you to the nearest available parking lot. 7:00 am is TdP's official start time for 50 mile + riders; 8:00 am start for 20/31 mile riders; we advise you to arrive early to find the most convenient parking spaces. There are 700 parking spaces within the park. When these spaces are filled, participants will be directed to park on surface streets in the surrounding neighborhood. The best neighborhoods for parking are to the south of the golf course and to the west of Hwy 101. Parking fees are waived for TdP riders.

PLEASE CARPOOL! Better yet - consider RIDING from home for a few extra miles!

Route Maps for All Ride Distances

1. Kids Ride/Route - 2 to 6 miles - No course map available

2. Short Route - 20 miles - Click here for a PDF copy of the 20-mile route map

3. Long Route - 31 miles - Click here for a PDF copy of the 31-mile route map

4. Metric Century - 63 miles - Click here for a PDF copy of the 63-mile route map with 56-mile Simon Says Shortcut

5. All Routes Combined - Click here for a PDF copy of all of the routes combined

6. Route Profiles - Click here for a PDF copy of the route profiles